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  • Volunteer Call-out : We are recruiting more volunteers to replace volunteers that are burning out or leaving.

  • Volunteer coordinator - full-time job

  • Cleaners - 7 days a weeks approx 2 hours per day

  • Septic maintenance cleaning effluent filters

  • Grounds maintenance

  • Water plant technicians - must have certification 7 days a week

  • General maintenance

  • Plant and shrub watering

  • Bylaw enforcement

  • Site mods

  • If you wish to volunteer , please contact

  • (volunteers must be prepared to commit to hours required for tasks)

  • Our trial run with Cam and Jenn as Resort Managers ended July 31st, 2021

  • Cedars is now running as before with volunteers. The office is now closed. To that end, some services may be cut back or eliminated. This could include the closure of washrooms and the laundry facility. The process for future management is under review by the Board. Watch this space for updates. for urgent items.

  • NEW!  Call for Candidates. A new Board of Directors will be selected at the upcoming AGM. This is your opportunity to get on the Board. A basic guideline for the roles and responsibilities can be found here.   A candidate's bio page can be found here.

  • To submit your intent to run for the Board, contact

  • The gate exit sensor in now functional. Just drive up to the gate and they will automatically open. A new all-weather keypad is located outside the gate. Same code applies plus #. Thanks to Cam and the volunteers who made this possible.

  • Reminder that only refundable containers go in the shed. Volunteers look after that facility so help make their job easier. Continue sorting your items.

  • Commercial Washers and Dryers in the laundry. Wash is $3.00 and dry is $2.0

  • Fire Ban lifted September 10th. Please use caution. Trees and shrubs are still very dry.

  • NEW! Information regarding the Cedars septic system. A number of unwanted items have caused expensive repairs to the infrastructure. Please take note of what can and cannot go down the drains. Details here.

Safety - Dust - Noise