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Notice to Phase 1 Occupants
The power to all Phase 1 lots will be disconnected starting June 15th to June 23rd or possibly longer depending on the progress of the electrical upgrading. 

May 9

Summer is a busy time as a number of capital projects will be underway with contractors working in the park. The capital projects focus on our infrastructure and are very much needed to resolve the deficiencies that have been discovered in the last few years since the turn-over from the developer.

In order to complete the work there will be some unavoidable inconvenience to shareholders. Our contractors will be doing their best to mitigate any impacts.

Electrical work in phase one will require power to be off for at least one week (possibly 10 days) Phase two and three can anticipate one day of power outage for work.

Shareholder may also experience contractors working on some road areas in the park or needing to enter lots.

We are presently confirming the dates that contractors will be in the park doing projects. We hope to give shareholders firm dates with as much notice as possible.

Capital projects include work on electrical, septic and water.

Re-zoning by the CSRD may have a future bearing on the Resort. Please check with the Board before considering a tiny home or park model.

  • New door on Laundry Room. Door code is in Member's Section under "Important Info."

  • Potable water available in the Laundry. Hose available under the sink.

  • Reminder that only refundable containers go in the shed. Rinsed milk containers are now ok to recycle. Non-refundable plastics go to recycling depots.

  • Commercial washers and dryers in the laundry. This facility is for shareholders and guests only. Wash is $3.00 and dry is $2.00

  • Information regarding the Cedar's septic system. A number of destructive items have caused expensive repairs to the infrastructure. Please take note of what can and cannot go down the drains. Details here.

  • All forests surrounding the resort are classified as Conservation Zones and no wood collecting/cutting is allowed.  Motorized vehicles are not allowed. Fire hazard reduction adjacent to your lot is ok. Fire wood can be purchased at local sawmills and suppliers. Hyde Sawmill is across the highway and orders can be placed there. Firewood gathering is allowed on crown land with a permit. Details can be found here. Problem trees on the resort's border can be reported to BC Parks.

  • For weekend RV enjoyment, all construction and related noise is prohibited on Sundays. Plan your projects accordingly.

  • ​Pets must be on a leash at all times, in all areas of the resort.

  • ​Non-household garbage to the landfill please. Rates are very reasonable.

  • ​A reminder....resort quiet time is after 11pm. Noise, music etc. must cease at 11pm.

  • ​​The new water well has been drilled as of June 15th. On November 11, the new pump for the well was installed and switched on for the very first time. Water volume from the new well is exceptional. This spring, contractors will complete electrical connections, lines to to water treatment plant, hook ups, and installation of a standby generator. The new well will eventually be the main source of potable water to the resort, with the old well used for a fire fighting water supply.

  • Guest parking is available at the resort entrance parking area. Please do not block roads or allow vehicles to protrude into the common pathways. In the event of an evacuation or emergency, we need clear roads and easy access.

  • Please do not attach any type of signage to trees. 

  • All correspondence to the Board is via email:

  • The latest Board Meeting Minutes are in the Member's Section.

  • Ensure items on lots are secured. Theft of items including gas containers and propane tanks have been reported. Security is everyone's responsibility. Watch for suspicious activity within the resort. Never give out the gate code. Greet visitors at the gates. 

​New site modification information is in the Member's Section
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