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May 20th - Bear in the Area.
Use caution. Check out the Bear Smart Page

  • NEW! Cedars Pond is home to a colony of Western Painted Turtles. Sometimes they like to wander so keep an eye open on the roads especially near the pond. 

  • Phase two handicapped washroom (lower level next to playground) and pool house washrooms are now open for use. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at entrances. COVID provincially mandated cleaning procedures are being done. For anyone needing handicapped washroom door code, please contact Park Manager.

  • Our new park manager, Cam Stewart is now on the job. Please introduce yourself to him. Cam will be making regular rounds throughout the park. For all on-site matters, please contact the Park Manager  (778) 212-2151 or by email For general Resort questions, complaints, site modifications, repairs, maintenance, this is the new contact info.

  • A Cedars upgrade, to improve communication and reduce the effort of our Park Managers, is a RING device. This is installed on the office door where a doorbell would typically be. When Jenn, is not in the office, pressing the button on the RING will connect you to our Park Managers. They can answer your question by voice or set up a meeting time increasing overall efficiency.

  • Need Loonies for the Laundromat? See Jenn when the office is open.

  •  NEW! The new gate exit sensor in now functional. Just drive up to the gate and they will automatically open. A new all-weather keypad is located outside the gate. Same code applies. Thanks to Cam and the volunteers who made this possible.

  • Reminder that only refundable containers go in the shed. Volunteers look after that facility so help make their job easier. Continue sorting your items.

  • NEW Commercial Washers and Dryers in the laundry. Wash is $3.00 and dry is $2.00

  • NEW Firewood bundles. $10/cash. Place order on white-board next to office. Volunteers will deliver your firewood to your site.

Safety - Dust - Noise

Storage Yard Update March 2020

Email if you wish to rent a storage lot, providing these details: Name, Share #, length of stall required

Await confirmation on random draw success (if required) based on results and requested lot size, a fee will be indicated.

Provide permission for Cedars RV to collect the prescribed fees above by completing and signing the storage rental agreement.

Receive confirmation that all docs are approved and you will be given your designated storage compound stall #.

Again contact the Storage Compound Manager Joan Pilavci by email @ to start using the storage area and your assigned lot as per the rules.

If you have any items on the South side of the storage compound in the way of the 15 stalls being developed or any questions please Contact Joan or Trevor Frantik

2021 Cedars RV Resort