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Cedars Resort is a wildlife corridor between the Trans-Canada Highway to the South and the Eagle River to the North. Wildlife, including bears, sometime pass through the resort on their way to the neighboring forests. Bears are frequent visitors often preferring to forage at night. Bears can be encountered at anytime of the day so precautions are advised. Black bears are primarily herbivores preferring plants and insects but will take every advantage of a free meal.

  • Always be on the alert for bears. Black bears are expert tree climbers. Grizzlies prefer not to, and will either run or attack if provoked.

  • Never leave foodstuffs, scraps or garbage outside your RV.

  • Cover BBQ's when not in use, or better yet, store them in a shed. Bears have a keen sense of smell and will investigate.

  • Don't leave pet food outside.

  • Clean up bird seed and bring feeders in during the spring, summer and fall.

  • Always secure the dumpsters with the carabiners and chains supplied.

  • Carry bear spray if going for a hike.

  • Walk in groups and make noise.

If you do encounter a bear, remain calm and remember that the bear is likely more afraid of you than you are of it. Attacks by black bears on people are very rare and most black bears can be easily scared away with the following approach: Stand and face the bear directly. Never run away from or approach it. Mothers with cubs will defend their turf. Be aware of your surroundings.​ Nuisance bears can end up being trapped and destroyed. We prefer not to go this route if possible. Do not chase bears with vehicles or throw bear bangers, and definitely NO firearms. Experience has shown that this has little effect on our resident bears. Our respect for the local wildlife will go a long way towards peaceful co-existence. Please contact to report bear sightings.

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